Here at Tavern Lane Studio, we have both indoor and outdoor spaces available to hire. Whether you are looking to hire our venue for classes and clubs, meeting or outdoor activities, we might just have the perfect space for you.

Tavern Lane Studio
Tavern Lane Studio Floor Plan

Available To Hire


Zaxos Room

Horton Room

Sound Room

Outdoor Green Space

Kitchen & Shower Facilities 

The Zaxos Room


A large room suitable for rehearsals, large meetings & dance groups, totalling to 110m2 

The Horton Room

A smaller room suitable for rehearsals and meetings, totalling to 24m2.


This room also connects onto the sound proof room via the viewing window. Great for recording vocals, music and sounds. 

Outdoor Green Space

An outdoor space, surrounded by trees, grass and nature.

This space is Ideal for wild events, nature games, den building and event tents.

Private and organised camping is available on lush green clearings. 

Fire pits can be built in suitable areas. Kitchen, toilet and shower facilities are available.

Outdoor Green Space
Outdoor Green Space
Outdoor Green Space